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Libreville Terminal 2    Port-Gentil   Franceville   Moanda
LBV3    photo term POG    MVB airport    photo moanda
Léon M'BA airport
   Port-Gentil airport
  M'Vengue airport and Gesparc
  Between carrefour des douanes and Rio market
Terminal 2 and ADL airport
   Terminal Afrijet          

Terminal T2 Open from:

0545am to 8pm on Monday to friday

0545am to 6pm on saturdays

10am to 8pm on sundays

ADL -Open from :

06am to 07pm on Monday to saturday

10am to 7pm on sundays


Open from:

0645am to 0715pm on Monday to Friday

06450am to 04pm on Saturday

12am to 0715pm on sundays


Open from monday to friday at Gesparc:

9am to 5pm

               Exceptions : Sales at airport

on monday from 9am to 1pm,

on wednesday from12pm to 5pm and

on friday from 1pm30 à 6pm

On saturday : Lecconi : 9am to 3pm

 On sunday : Airport : 12pm à 4pm



Open from monday to friday :

9am to 5pm

On saturday : 9am to 2pm


  tel : (+241) 02011717 /

(+241) 07560303

    tel : (+241) 02033201
    tel : (+241) 02009001     tel : (+241) 02299393  

We accept the following payment: cash or 


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